Wooden Citroen DS puzzle

ok – next experiment with the K40; a wooden Citroen DS puzzle. Overall the result is ok-isch, the cut was even done in one go (8 mAmp, 6 mm/s), but the cut is burning

the wood too much. Probably because it is 4 mm thick plywood. Need to try with a bit thinner material to get better result. Also, the pieces are not cut in the most perfect way when it comes to completing the puzzle. I can do it, but I doubt a 4 year old will have the patience to put every piece in. Need to test. Any takers? At the end you find the PLT files used.

Wooden DS puzzle - 11Wooden DS puzzle - 12Wooden DS puzzle - 9 Wooden DS puzzle - 8 Wooden DS puzzle - 7 Wooden DS puzzle - 4 Wooden DS puzzle - 2 Wooden DS puzzle - 1