Stop-motion Luigi

What to do when the children have 10 weeks of holidays? Actually, the question was

“what to do when the children have 10 weeks of holidays and when you are of the opinion that computers are to be used for more than only for playing games, and that they should actually stimulate creativity?” 

One option is to let them play with an old Ti-Book (actually two broken tiBooks – thank you David and Peter – merged into one functioning on a rainy Sunday), an iSight, a copy of FrameByFrame (a freeware software tool to create stop-motion movies), and some Lego.

Introduction into stop-motion movie making actually took less then 2 minutes. It went like this. One pice of lego – photo. added a second piece of lego – photo. Moved the second – photo. Moved again – photo. Connected two pieces – photo.  Saved sequence. Played sequence..

The result was the living room being transformed into a small film studio. See here one of the examples. Watch for the hand 🙂

Emke & Siebren having fun with an old tiBook, an iSight, FrameByFrame and Lego.