Potato peeler bluetooth sound box?

making movies twoYes, yet another sound box. Still having fun with my chinese laser cutter, also known as K40. The inspiration was very simple. Spring cleaning; don’t waste waste. What to do if you have old stuff laying around which you do not know to give away or throw away.That stuff is keeping me up knights. Take for example this almost never used patato peeler. What do do with it. Give away? C’mon, who wants a used potato peeler? Throw away? Yes, it is made of metal so they will be able to extract it from the pile of garbage, but it also has a piece of aluminum. Now, should I take it apart and dispose of it in parts? Decisions, decisions. And I wonder why people say I am looking tired.

1-Getting readySo, I thought it would be a nice decoration for yet another sound-box. Internals of the sound-box are the same. A 2x2Watt amplifying, two 2 Watt speakers, some LED, and a bluetooth receiver. Well, the usual stuff, and some components for the box. Nicely prepared. Well, actually….

This time a square box, I cut out

the shape of the potato peeler and then mounted the actual peeler within the cut-out space. Ok, mounting maybe is not fully describes it. It hangs, but please do not sneeze. Luckily it is only a 2x2Watt apm, otherwise I had to be selective in what music to listen to.

The first time I mounted the peeler, it did not work well. See images with red-isch background. Not stable, no precision. 2 km further it might be acceptable, but here in Switzerland. No. So I remounted it. Notice the images with a blue-ish background. The peeler is mounted directly on the ‘cut-out’ and then the cut-out is mounted in the box, using matches. Excellent construction material. Now it is good.

Sound is not bad either. Listen for yourself. It may needs some sound openings on the side, and I may have to experiment a bit to get the bass out a bit better. Alas. More experiments. More building. Life is cruel 😉

So, ok. Cute idea. Preparing for it I wrote a simple Mathematic routine, parametrized, to draw the ‘saw’ line and that worked actually quite nice. I slowly get the cutting under control, with an extra fan to prevent the wood from catching fire. Not there yet completely, but almost.
And my storage is stacking up with bluetooth amps. This one I will give away for free. Really. Just drop me a line. First come first serve. Will even cough up the shipping costs, just so I do not have to throw it away.