Plywood desk-lamp

ArtDeco lampA nice art-deco desk-lamp. This lamp inspired to try and create a plywood-lamp. The outcome may not be the best of success, but the process of getting the components was interesting, and a success.

The real fun part was the second inspiration; the golden arc. Reason is that the friend who inspired me to create copy of such a lamp once used the golden ration as inspiration viagra sans ordonnance for a fashion design project. Well, she is a designer therefore her project was a smashing success, unlike my attempt. But I already mentioned that.

This inspired me to dive into Mathematica again, and create a simple routine to create a golden curve, which is quite standard, but then to create the square cut-outs along buy levitra canada cost the curve

to put in the pieces from viagra pour femme effet the top.

So the side of the top is the golden curve (beta=0.7). Of course, I went a bit overboard, and the support also follows the golden ratio (hight and ground surface). Cute to create, although again the result is not as visually appealing as I had it in my mind. Anyhow, see the images below for the final result.

What do you think?