Papercraft Amsterdam

Sometimes I have the pleasure of seeing my papercraft models come to life. Over the past weeks a class of eight year olds have been working on small models of typical Amsterdam houses. Each creating their own house. Today I had the pleasure of taking part in the final step; building a city. But first, I explained a bit about the origin of these houses. I am quite proud of this. Not because of having some knowledge about this topic, but because my Italian language skills are almost non-existing. This becomes quite critical when the native language of the children in the class in fact is Italian. But it worked out well. After having explained a bit, we placed the houses on a grid re-creating a tiny proportion of the city. All papercraft models in black and white almost the same, but painted by the children to each individual likings. The result (the houses on the grid as well as the class-room experience) is magnificent.

3 thoughts on “Papercraft Amsterdam

  1. Tini Voorhorst

    Looks beautiful.I still have a drawing from Amsterdam, die grote stad………

    1. Marilena Arcioni

      Grazie per averci aiutato a costruire la città. È bello vederla qui.