Papercraft – 2CV Charleston

The first 2CV Charleston came on the market in the period 1979/1981. It was inspired by Art-Deco two colour styles 1920s Citroën model colour schemes.  Initially introduced as a limited edition (red-black) it became a standard model in 1981. For about EUR 4500, with front disc brakes and nicer seats.

In 1982 the Charleston series was extended by the yellow-and-black color scheme, which wasn’t a success, and ceased production in 1983, and replaced by the more decently-colored cormorangrey-nightgrey combination. Download a paper model here: 2cv_1980s_AC446

The yellow Charleston (download a paper model here: 2cv_1980s_AC336, however, differs from the other two versions by the color of the A pillar and windscreen frame. Contrary to the other color schemes it was painted in the main color – yellow and not black as with the red model (or the grey one).