Paper Tie

Siebren (our son, at the time I write this almost 5) sometimes – well, often actually – just takes a pair of scissors, tape and start building.

One time his ‘assilo’ (pre-school) teacher told us that he does not like to ‘build stuff’. I looked at her blankly, not able to say anything. Was she talking about our son?

I can only imagine what happens at school, that he comes home so frustrated, exploding from energy to build and create. Not just do, but create. Realizing the vision he has in his mind.

One time, coming home in an ‘I have to create’ mood, he built a ‘paper tie’. He started cutting, pasting, coloring. The result was beautiful. A tie with superman, against a blue background. He even added a label with his name.

When finished, he asked how he could wear it, so I attached a piece of rope and he could wear it, which he did but that was not the fun part for him.

Obviously – that was going to be the fun part for me, if only he allowed me too.

It took some persuasion. First I was not allowed to wear it. Then I was, but only in the house and certenly not somewhere outside showing it to someone else.

Luckily, he was not happy with the result. He found out that colorpen does not hold on tape. The tie was only partially blue. He started again, even went as far as throwing away his first try.

My chance! Since he wanted to trhow it away, I could have it, right? ….eh. He – reluctantly – admitted that I could wear it.

One day, I wore it to work. Received some good feedback and positive comments.

Following his lead, I created a few for you to download, build, wear and enjoy. Please do. Send me some pictures.