Never Too Late

In my enthusiasm, I am quite flexible in lending out books. Sharing writings that I have enjoyed. The good thing about this is that it may have contributed positively to the book industry. No, I do not dare implying that my contribution can be noticed on a global scale. But still…

The problem obviously is motivating the ‘receiver’ in returning the book. Even after some time. Anytime, really, even years later is fine. This avoids awkward phone calls like “Really, yes I fully understand you moved house 3 times and the book may be lost in one of the boxes that remained unopened after the second move, but I do appreciate if you check for me….” Normally, I avoid these phone calls and simply buy a new copy. It would be interested to keep statistics of books you bought again. Maybe an untapped source for

In one of my attempts to motivate ‘book return’ I created this cartoon. It was effective, especially after posting the cartoon on the bulletin board at work. Ever since, I hand-out the cartoon systematically with every book that leaves my shelves. Regretfully, there were a few books with which I fell back in the old habit of simply trusting. Those with cartoon all returned timely. The others? Still hoping.