Simple papercraft: Nash-Healey Roadster 1953

Nash-Healey Roadster 1953

The Nash-Healey is a two-seat sports car that was produced for the American market between 1951 and 1954. Marketed by Nash-Kelvinator Corporation with a Nash Ambassador drivetrain and a European chassis and body, it served as a halo (or image) vehicle for the automaker to promote the sales of the other Nash models. It was “America’s first post-war sports car”, and the first introduced in the U.S. by a major automaker since the Great Depression.

Nash-Healey Roadster Papercraft model

The Nash-Healey was the product of a partnership between Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and British automaker Donald Healey, as well as a later restyle by Pinin Farina and subassembly in Italy.

Well, that is just history. Most of you probably remember the Nash-Healey roadster from TV episodes of the Adventures of Superman. George Reeves, as Clark Kent, drove it in four episodes.

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