Leonardo da Vinci | In paper – Now available on Amazon

Now available on Amazon; Leonardo da Vinci – in Paper, by Antonio di Fred & Sven Hindman.

Leonardo da Vinci was a truly amazing man. He lived a long time ago when things were very different than they are today. They did not have telephones or email. No TV, no iPod, if you wanted to listen to music, you had to find someone who happened to be singing. It was a time when people traveled by horse. People sent letters, which were delivered by horse. It would sometimes take weeks or even months to arrive.

So, how did Leonardo invent what some call planes and parachutes and a car? How did he invent things that sometimes were hundreds of years ahead of their time? Some say he was a time traveler. We don’t know about that, but, the truth is he was just an amazing inventor.

Take a look at some of the great things he has done, and see if you can build them yourself! Order a printed version on Amazon.com: Leonardo Da Vinci | In papercraft.