K40 – A5 Notepad

NotePadIt took a number of tests and trials to make this work, pushing the limits of what my K40 laser scanner can cut; a notepad-cover for a A5 note pad. The ‘page-size’ is 320mmx230mm, and the Moshidraw on my old Thinkpad T21 managed, barely. I maybe should look for a slightly faster computer. Then again, the lack of speed seems nicely fitting to the lack of comfort and user-friendliness of Moshidraw. A bit of a time-travel-trip. Patience. Zen. 🙂

To my dismay, I discovered in the process that one of the mirrors had cracked, which explains the low laser power – probably. For now rotating the mirror pieces (new one ordered) solved it temporarily as the laser hits the mirror slightly off-center, or beter; off-center. Impressive, the robustness of the whole system.

In any case, the pad came out quite nice, after 3 tests. I put a cute flowery engraving pattern on the front side, and though bra-strap instead of an elastic band. Regretfully I only had white elastic, and around here shops

are still closed on Sundays. White just is not the color. Also, I though a bra-strap was a cute detail, nicely fitting to the rose pattern.

What do you think?
NotePad - open