Construct a simple Citroen Ami6 Papercraft model

paper ami6

This image is not a good representation of how this Citroen Ami6 Papercraft will turn out. If you download and build this free papercraft model of the Ami6, it will probably come out quite nice. I did the same, and can confirm it is easy to build and comes out as expected. It actually looks so good that your two year old son will ask for it to play with. Obviously, you will not be able to resist. Well, I could not. So, this image is how the Ami6 Papercraft will look like after he has played with it, and after you have tried to put it back into shape again several times.

Citroen Ami6 – Papercraft

The photo was taken at the point I was not able anymore to get any shape back into it.

You can download the Citroen Ami6 Papercraft model from the link on the right, or go to Paolo Ghielmetti’s site.