The Brusino Monster

Rumors have it a monster is living in Brusino Arsizio. Over the past centuries there have been discoveries of dinosaur fossils on the San Georgio which were, as it was assumed, of an extinct species. Recent events have led to the conclusion that this assumption might have been incorrect.

Strange events tike fish suddenly disapparing from Lake Lugano, a power failure putting the old city of Brusnio in the dark for more than a weekend, and those noices from the drain. Is there something fishy going on?

Brusino Arsizio has one main road. Also three or four side roads and even a ‘down town’ road, but to notice these you must take the time to stop. Most people are just passing through, and do not. If you follow the main road in Western direction it will bring you to the Italian city of Porto Ceresio (excellent ice cream and Pizza). In opposite direction, it will eventually bring you at the highway going to Lugano or Milano.

Somewhere in the middle there is a drain that every now and then produces a spalshing sound. Nothing out of the ordinary, one could say, the wind creating waves that smash against the inside of the drain. Agreed, this is Ticino; there often is some sort of breeze around lake Lugano. But can it be that simple? Could there be something more to it? Maybe not something ‘fishy’, but something ‘fishing’?

There you have it. A set of strange events and a plausible yet unrealistic explanaition. Add to that the ambition to ‘start a rumor’ and the idea for the ‘Brusino monster‘ was born. Eventually, the idea made it into a cartoon that was printed (also in italian) as a small booklet and distributed amongst the children of the local school, and later in part two; the Morcote Bible. You can download them here. There also was an article on it in a local magazine: The Brusino Monster in the ‘Rivista di Lugano’.