Drawing cartoons

Drawing Cartoons 

Over the years I have developed a simple yet powerful process for producing cartoons, using a combination pen paper and computer. Before, I used to do everything on paper, but especially making corrections, the final editing, and adding text & color is much easier done using a PC.

1) Initial idea – It basically is a sketch on any paper available, usually preceeded by a wide grin on my face 

2) Final sketch
– Some of the ideas I work into a final sketch. Typically one A4-landscape size. Getting all the detail etc.

3) Pen drawing
– The pen drawing is done on an overlay. Some of the details get lost in the process. It therefore is important to have all detail in the sketch.

4) Scan & add color
– The pen draing is scanned and then cleaned-up on the computer. Making sure all the lines are ok, adding boarders etc. This is also when I start to add color using the bucket, so plugging holes in the lines first. 

5) Final cartoon with text
– As last step I add text and text boxes. Please have a look at this nice piece of software from PlasQ.
The idea for this cartoon came when I was working for Audatex, a company that provides a platform solution to the insurance industry to objectively estimate (well, there are always loop holes….) the claim costs of vehicle damages. On top of that, they provide management information to helpthe insurance companies to improve their bottom line. My speed in recognizing management information (and not platform features nor it’s completeness or whatever) is the sole driver for the company’s success, was not phenomenal, but by comparison actually quite fast. I found myself explaining this many times and created the cartoon to help me. Also to have some fun of-course.