Bluetooth soundbox goes Art Deco?

BlueToothSound_LadyAndTheMoonI love those art-deco lamps. Beautiful, elegant. Yes, I admit, a nice nude helps as well.
But why do sound boxes have to be boxes. OK – sorry for my sarcasm – they have reinvented colour and you can find sound boxes more colour full than just black. But they still are boxes.

So I tried something “new”. A sound box resembling the stylish art-deco lamp. Insights are the same as here, so you can connect via blue tooth, and it has a 2x5Watt amplifier, and two small speakers as well as LED (see inset).  It need some further tweaking, and it needs a colour. Oh, goosh… that means I have some more fiddling to do with wood and my K40. Hard times 🙂