2CV Sahara

Living in Switzerland there are two things I came to appreciate and respect.

First, the disruptive force of weather. Born in Holland, I obviously have some natural respect for the powers of nature (specifically water and wind) but Holland, basically being flat, it boils down to a bit of wind and rain while biking. In Switzerland there are mountains. This means that apart from wind and rain they also have to deal with parts of mountains being fed up with the wind and rain and looking for new places to find some peace and quiet. Regretfully, very often, this turns out to be in the middle of the road, forcing the rest of us to drop whatever we are doing and try to remain peaceful and calm as well. For example, stop trying to move from Chaisso to Lugano, and wait patiently until the mountain decides to move on (very unlikely) or is helped to move on. And so we do, and with the flow of traffic you commonly find between Chiasso and lugano, we do in a very, very long cue.

Second, the efficiency with which the Swiss manage to clean the roads and allow us to continue with what ever we were doing. The cue may have been long, but the time spent standing in line often is very short.

I find it therefore not surprising that the 2CV 4×4, or 2CV Sahara, originally was created by a Swiss mountain Doctor. He needed a light but powerful car to get him to his patients no matter what road or weather condition. What he did was simple yet ingenious: simply add a second engine to the vehicle to drive the rear wheels (as you know the 2CV has a front wheel drive). Here is a nice article about the 2CV Sahara, describing the car in the environment it was build for; the sahara.

To join in the fun, you can download a paper model. Enjoy.