2CV PostCar(d) – Mail a 3D plywood model

I (Antinio di Fred) like to give toys that motivate people to play and create. A card is nice, but a card to cut and assemble is nicer. Like the one showing here. I love to get those, but have to admit that I never actually build them after receiving. It would mean cutting through the message on the rear side and – however short the message may be, I simply don’t do that.

So when I created the PostCar(d) I sort of made it a combination of a car to be assembled and a wooden puzzle. All elements nicely fit in the their placeholder. The rear is covered by a card, meaning the parts do not fall through and, more importantly, you can write a note which will not be destroyed if you assemble the car.

There are more in preparation. This is the first one. What do you think?