2cv papercraft

Send me a picture of your 2CV and AC number if you do not find it on these pages. I am trying to be complete, but know there still are many missing.

On these pages you find relatively simple paper craft models of the Citroen 2CV, in the various versions and various colors they appeared on the market. Having children and driving a 2Cv myself, there was a growing demand to have a paper 2CV. I browsed the web but was not satisfied with the paper models found, which were either beautiful but complex (at least for a 5 year old) or a little overly simplified. So I started to build one myself, keeping it simple but with enough detail.

OK, I admit it, I went a little overboard. You now find paper models of 2CV AZ, AZU, AK250, AK350, AK400, the Dyane, the 2CV TPV, even a pick-up variant of the 2CV, and newly added a 2CV 2007 Retro version and a 2CV caravan. The Mehari and AMI6 are in preparation. Actually, they are done, and you find them in in this book on Amazon.com, or here on Createspace

For the 2CV, I tried to keep up with the major changes, as much as detectable from the various Citroen brochures. After boiling it down to about eight versions, the question came what color to apply. A realistic one, preferably. Luckily Cats citroen pages and the Dutch Ami association gave some indication about Citroen colors (you can find lists of AC colors but your typical photoshop has no clue). Together with samples from photos (see for example this beautiful DS/ID page, this impressive AMI page, or this nice Dyane page) of real cars – as far as the number was identifyable – resulted in the still growing overview on this page. At the moment there are over 100 AC colors and over 200 paper 2CV models to download.

The list still is far from complete, and I appreciate any help. Feel free to comment and suggest additional colors and/or details by sending me color samples and/or images.

The previous version of this site gave a nice table showing a matrix of versions, colors and years (see images below). I did not find out how to re-build that overview in a simple way. To be added.