Paper 2CV – in the classroom

The paper models of the 2CV you find on this site form an excellent basis for creative classroom exercises. They are all similar in complexity, yet sufficiently different. Especially, if you take uncolored models, then the children in the class can do their own decoration.

2CV paper models build at primary school.

This is what we did with a class of the local school. Children age 7-8 spent two half days coloring and building paper Citroën 2CV models. I started with a short explanation of the history of the 2CV, it’s target audience, requirements etc, and ended with an elaborate overview of examples of real 2CV decorated by their owners.

Actually, while I was teaching on the history of the 2CV, they were teaching me on the Italian language. In Ticino, people speak Italian natively but, as I am not local, my Italian is less than native, and challenged by a classroom full of 8 year olds. It was a nice exchange. The children acted as perfect students; the tell it immediately when they do not understand you. It even turned into a sort of word guessing game; me looking for the italian word and them – all together at the same time – helping me to find it. Absolutely beautiful.

We started coloring and cutting the models on the first morning, and completed it the second. At the end all children finished their 2Cv, resulting in this nice collection of models. Like a 2CV world meeting, but on a tabletop.