Papercraft 2CV building Instructions

How to build a papercraft 2CV

How to build a 2CV papercraft? Download these instructions to build a papercraft 2CV as PDF.

Simple 2CV Puzzle

2CV wooden puzzle

Possibilities of the K40 are endless, well at least after a few days they still look endless. A first try […]


Common sense & design

A free eBook about Common sense and Design. Now available for download through CORE Scholar


Your 2CV in Paper-craft?

Your 2CV in paper craft? As promotion for the booklet “2CV in papercraft” presenting tho history of the 2CV in […]


TPV 1939

Download: cialis Citroen TPV 1939 Source:

Austin-Healey 100-4

found on:


Season your life

Salt is a necessity of life at many levels. It is mineral that was used since ancient times in many […]


Darth Vader TIE Starfighter

A simplified version of a Darth Vader TIE starfighter, used by Darth Vader during the Galactic Civil War, leading Black […]


A very creative 2015!

A papercraft fireplace; relatively easy model (download here in color and in black & white) to build your own little […]


papercraft 007 2CV

Remember the look on the face of James Bond when he saw Melina’s more humble Citroën 2CV after a bugler […]

General Lee

General Lee

The General Lee is the vehicle driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the television series The Dukes […]


Long Live Alex!

Have a cup of Dutch coffee! Here you find a paper model of the coffee “Special Edition”, to celebrate our […]

Sabre GT Papercraft

The Sabre GT is a high performance muscle car in Grand Theft Auto IV. It borrows bits and pieces from […]

Papercraft tree for 2013

We wish you a very constructive and creative new year. Please enjoy yourself with this simple papercraft tree.

Stop-motion Luigi

What to do when the children have 10 weeks of holidays? Actually, the question was “what to do when the children […]


Papercraft Amsterdam

Sometimes I have the pleasure of seeing my papercraft models come to life. Over the past weeks a class of […]


Welcome to Bissone

When you enter Switzerland from Chaisso, you will pass corridors of sound reflection shields, followed by tunnels, followed again by […]

2CV – Retro?

Is the 2CV making a return? There are rumours circulating about a retro 2CV, following the retro MINI and the retro […]


Never Too Late

In my enthusiasm, I am quite flexible in lending out books. Sharing writings that I have enjoyed. The good thing […]


2CV Pick-up

The 2CV Pickup. Maninly used by the Royal Navy, aboard HMS Bulwark and Albion in the late 1950s and early 1960s,and transported […]


2CV Dolly

The Dolly versions were released in 1985, with two-tone paintwork in original colour combinations, such as vanilla and grey, green […]